Packing Books 101

Packing Books 101


Packing books, how do we do it?

I have always had bookcases full of boxes. From when I was a young child to now and my children are just as bad.
I have also moved a lot, 26 times throughout my life. Out of them all, moving to Townsville was my best move.
With each move I have always carried my books with me so when it comes to packing books I have done it all, right and wrong.

So how do we at About Town Removals suggest you pack books?

Firstly. before you do any packing, sort your shelves and start culling your books. Of course, as any book lover would know, there are just some books you will never ever ever part with. So what about those extra books you pick up here and there, in bulk lots, airports, from friends and so on. You’ve read them once, you don’t plan on reading them again and you can easily part with them. Start sorting them into lots and give them away to others. The best part about giving away books is passing on the love of books to others.

Once you’ve done the cull, sort your books out. When you pack them its much easier to pack similar sized books together, but its also a really good idea to pack books as you shelve them too. So start sorting them out. I suggest alphabetically by author, then by year and series because I am very particular when it comes to my collection. When it comes to sorting them out for the boxes though, its by size.

All sorted? Great. Now its time to pack them.

Are Book Boxes Worth it?

Yes they are. I am not just saying this because I run About Town Removals. Like I said earlier, I have moved a lot and always with a lot of books.

So I have moved books in suitcases, plastic tubs, bags, hidden in things and everywhere I can stash them. The easiest and best way to move books has always been in the smaller size removalist boxes that are commonly known as wine or book boxes/cartons, and they…

  • Are a good size so the boxes don’t get too heavy
  • Are sturdy and don’t collapse
  • Stack really well in a truck or in a room while you are packing
  • reduce damage to your books

If you pack books in a plastic tub, they tend to split, break, and chip. Plastic tubs should not be used in moving. They are not strong, and they are not designed to be stacked whilst filled, especially not with anything that’s heavy. Don’t pack your beloved books in a plastic tub. The tub is likely to break and your books are likely to be damaged.

Do suitcases work? I have seen all of those handy life hacks which show packing boxes in suitcase that can roll across the floor. Suitcases, even hard case ones, are not always designed to carry a heavy load. Do you want to risk damaging your suitcase as well as your books when it splits? I have actually had that happen to me before and whilst the books don’t fall on your toes and hurt you they do get damaged and you’re down a suitcase too.

Just pack your books in small boxes. Book boxes.

Packing Books 101

  • Make sure the bottom of the box is taped well. Do not fold the bottom, it weakens the structural integrity of the box. We tape in a +.
  • Line the bottom of the box with a sheet of paper.
  • Stack the books in uniform piles, spines to the edges of the box.
  • Wrap special books in a sheet of paper, and fill any holes with scrunched paper
  • Top the books with a sheet of paper
  • Tape the box closed, one line of tape is enough.

Now you have successfully packed a box of books and you have greatly reduced the chance of any damage to your books and your or the removalists backs.

PS: If you have quite thick and heavy books then pack your book boxes half full with the books. Fill the remaining space with linen, clothing or other lightweight items that wont damage your books or add too much weight to the box.

We supply book boxes/cartons to the public as well, contact us or drop by the office or find us on Facebook.

Happy Packing!





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