Moving in the Townsville Summer

Moving between the months of November to March is a really popular time for people moving in and around Townsville. We have the end and start of the new school year, new defence postings, families taking advantage of the holidays to move in from interstate and so on but moving in the Townsville summer can bring with it some extra issues.

It’s Also the Wettest Time of Year

Our summer season is also our wet season. Townsville is in the dry tropics, so even though Townsville feels quite dry a lot of the time we can expect more rainfall and storm activity over the summer months. It’s also cyclone season between the months of November and May and the risk of torrential, monsoonal rain is higher. if you are planning on moving during this time, ensure that you keep track of the weather forecast. Locals follow Wally’s Weather and Oz Cyclone Chasers for non sensational factual information.

What if you Need to Move in the Rain?

Moving in our wet season rain is a problem that About Town Removals have found ways to work around. There is non slip tape on the ramps and staff are advised on the types on soles they should get on their shoes to reduce slippage. Furniture pads are also used to help protect furniture and other items from rain and removal boxes will withstand light rain without getting anything wet inside.

When the rain becomes too heavy the boys will have to stop work for their safety and also the protection of your items. About Town Removals will advise you previously if you should reschedule your move going by the weather forecast. If you have declined this and decided to go ahead with your move as normal then you will be charged for any stop work time. If there is no advise to reschedule and the heavy rain surprises everyone then you will not be charged for any stop work time.

The office will advise anyone who is already booked in if it is advisable to reschedule their moves, if this is not possible then the above will be advised. If there is any flooding in the areas of the move or a cyclone coming in, About Town Removals will not be out working under any circumstances.

You need to also note that your insurance may not cover you for moving in severe weather as well. Make sure you are covered.

Heat and Humidity

It isn’t just the rain you need to worry about when moving in the Townsville summer though. Many items in your home are heat and humidity sensitive. They can become deformed or unusable if left in the sun for too long, or even if they are left in a hot and humid environment for too long. Electronics, soft plastics, candles, toiletries, makeup and musical instruments can be adversely affected. If you have any old videos or records they are also at risk. Items that are normally kept in cooler dark areas should be packed into boxes when possible and labelled clearly. They will be put immediately into the truck and when taken out they will go straight into the home.

Moving is also a lot harder in the humidity, heat and rain. Our staff carry water and electrolyte replacing drinks, light food and cooling cloths but they may slow down. Even though you are not the one moving your items you will also need to ensure you are hydrated and not spending too much time in the sun. Our staff are trained and used to this, but they also need increased breaks and to keep aware of their own limitations. Our priorities are the safety of your items and also the safety of our staff.


While About Town Removals make the removal side stress free for you, here’s some advice to make the first night in your new home stress free too.

Make sure you have a change of clothes, toiletries and a towel that are easy to access. As well as any tv remotes, bed bolts and tools handy. You want to be able to relax and unwind with a cool shower and a clean change of clothing and the last thing you want to do is to be rummaging through all your boxes just be able to get clean. Head to your local shop and pick up an easy dinner such as a salad, a roast chook and bread rolls, and if your so inclined head to the bottlo for a well deserved bottle of wine or beer and enjoy your first night in your new home.

Check out our handy moving checklist as well.

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