We know that moving can be a costly exercise, especially if it isnt planned. Many people choose to move themselves to save money, potentially costing them more in damage to property items or damage to themselves. We have looked long and hard for options which will work for our customers and our business and we can now offer payment plans to help.

We offer two differing plan options with both Humm and Zip and for both you will need to create an account with them to use it and be preapproved for a limit.

How to use either Humm or Zip to pay for a move

  • Get a quote done.
    You can either do this by organising us to come out and view your property in person or you can send us your inventory online.
  • Get Approved.
    Once you have the quote we can then set up an order for you. It will then go through the approval process. You will be advised of payment amounts, whether a deposit is needed and whether any interest is going to be charged.
  • Book your job in.
    Once the plan has been approved we will then book your job in and the provider you choose will take over
  • We get payment, you get to pay it off.
    We collect payment only once your job is done so you can be assured that we will be on site.

Both Zip and Humm have differing requirements and whilst one may be great for someone, the other may be more beneficial for another.
We suggest that you look at both our pages on them and make an informed decision on what would best suit your needs.

Happy with either of those options and want to get a quote?
Contact us here.