What insurance do we provide?

We provide transit insurance for our removals.
We also have public liability insurance and work cover insurance for our staff.

What does our transit insurance cover?

Our transit insurance only covers fire, theft and rollover.
If our trucks were stolen, involved in an accident causing a rollover or a fire then the goods inside the truck would be covered.
As a result, you are not covered for the moving inside your property or between your property and the truck.

Do we cover specific items whilst moving?

No, we don’t offer comprehensive removals insurance.
However, we do take great care and our staff are trained which result in a very low damage rate.
We are very proud to be sitting at a 0.47% damage rate, as of 30/05/19.

Why don’t we offer specific removals insurance?

We are unable to. Each policy needs to be underwritten to each individual customer and valued to their goods. This is not a service we can provide.
We would also risk presenting a customer with void insurance if we said we did and this is simply not a risk we would want our customers to take.

What insurance do we recommend?

We recommend that you get CARTS Removals Insurance. Contact them or apply for cover through their website.
They are a comprehensive insurer and most importantly will give you that added piece of mind.

Does my existing home and contents policy cover me?

Yes, your existing home and contents policy may cover you already for transit in the local area.
We do find that some of our customers are already covered, whilst others are not. Please check with your provider.

We hope this article has helped explain removals insurance a bit more. If you need anymore information please contact us.