Moving is stressful and thinking about everything that you need to do prior and after the move can be so overwhelming in our busy lives.
So we have taken out the stress and provided you with a free handy moving checklist.


4-6 weeks before moving

  • Book us for your move! Call 0419 733 305 or FREECALL 1800 672 325 to speak to Samantha. 
  • Buying? Confirm your settlement date and final inspection date.
  • Renting? Confirm your key collection date for your new home and final inspection date for your old home.
  • Notify the Electoral Office, QLD Transport and Ergon of your new address.  Notify your bank and any other key businesses with your change of address.
  • Organise phone, internet and insurances.
  • Organise school and childcare transfers.
  • Book cleaners or handymen if needed.
  • Now is the time to sort your belongings and donate or sell anything you no longer need or want.  Don’t forget the garage, shed or under the house.

3 weeks before moving

  • Book time off work if required and organise for children and pets to be looked after.
  • Organise your packing materials, boxes, paper and tape. We can supply it all.
  • Arrange Mail Redirection and redirect or cancel newspapers or subscriptions.
  • Start using up food in the freezer.
  • Pack non-essential items. Label all boxes with contents and room.

1-2 weeks before moving

  • Start using up food in the cupboard.
  • Pack remaining items.
  • Back up important documents online.
  • Back up your computer.
  • Pack your essentials box.
  • Reconfirm all moving details with us, your real estate and lawyers.

The day before your move

  • Defrost and empty out your refrigerator. Have a portable Esky and ice to transport contents. 
  • Unplug appliances.
  • Pack personal luggage/items to take with you.
  • Pack your survival box. If using our packing service organise essential items for that evening and the following day.
  • Say goodbye to your neighbours.

Moving day

  • Supervise the removalists and give clear directions on where furniture and other items should go.
  • Have your essentials and survival boxes on hand.
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave your old home and turn off any lights. Read all meters.
  • Check you have all keys and relevant instructions for your new home and return keys for your old home to the real estate agent.
  • Check all utilities are connected.
  • Check everything is to your satisfaction before our removalists leave.
  • Assemble and make the beds.
  • Say hello to your new neighbours.


Welcome to your new home


Handy Tips

  • Prepare an inventory of everything you own, noting any scratches or dents. Make a note of any precious items that require special care to move.
  • Gas bottles and air bottles should be empty with valves open, dispose of all flammable liquids. (Garden chemicals, paint, paint thinners, cleaning fluids, bleach, fuel, aerosols of any kind etc.)
  • Check your new Bin Collection Day.
  • Keep cats inside for a few days after the move.

If Packing Yourself

  • Arrange boxes and packing materials. We can supply everything you will need.
  • Use clean white butcher’s paper, not newspaper as it leaves marks on items.
  • Label every box clearly with room and contents.
  • Clearly mark any boxes with fragile items as FRAGILE
  • Pack lighter items in standard boxes and heavier items in the smaller book boxes. Ensure heavier items are on the bottom.
  • Dismantle furniture that comes apart – remember to tape screws in an obvious location or label and place in an ESSENTIALS box with TV, Foxtel, sound system remote controls, bed legs, shelf supports, keys to furniture cabinets and manufacturers instructions for reassembly of items.
  • Prepare a SURVIVAL KIT to be loaded last with kettle, tea and coffee, breakfast requirements, childrens toys, school needs, pet requirements (especially leads), bathroom necessities, telephone handset, medications, snacks, corkscrew, spare light globes, scissors, tools, toilet paper.